Cured with Raw Milk

Cured with raw Milk

Dark appearance, washed with olive oil. The cheese has a yellow colour, wiht irregular eyes, typical of raw milk. Due to the traditional recipe and a slow curnig time for more than 6 months it becomes a hard cheese, dry, deep in flavour and very persistent. The taste is slightly sweet, truffles, aromatic and fragrant. Delicious, with touches of wood tones and a spicy aftertaste.


  • Minimum curing time longer than 6 months
  • Colour: yellow vegetable rennet, drilled, irregular eyes
  • Texture: firm, dry
  • Aroma: deep, floral, leather, wood, fungus, mushrooms
  • Taste: slightly sweet, truffles, aromatic, fragrant, spicy
  • Persistence: very persistent, high
  • Aftertaste: wood, spicy
  • Appearance: treated with olive oil