• Gastronomy

    Spain produces outstanding gourmet products. Taste our excellent cheese!

  • Nutrition

    Among many other things, Andalucia provides large areas of grass, rich in nutrients and variety.

  • Mediterranean Diet

    Enjoy our cheese with crackers or toast. It is perfect for breakfast or as an aperitif.


Goeat cheese, an excellent aperitif.

Surprise your family with an elegant and easy to make goat cheese souffle. The combination of savory herbs and delicious goat cheese makes the souffle a delightful addition to any meal. Goat cheese can be served warm and creamy. It will spread turning into a great appetizer with crackers, or with bread for breakfast or a snack.

The delicious aroma of pungent spices, together with the taste of sweet, mellow pears and cured goat cheese makes a dish an all-around favorite. A good red wine can make the experience even better.

The mouth-watering combination of fresh greens, sweet fruit, warm, cured goat cheese shavings and an onion vinaigrette makes a salad to be an unforgettable event. Try it with a fresh fruity white wine.

  • The combination of both soft and hard goat cheeses tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes and other flavorful ingredients makes this cold, refreshing salad a unique addition to your meal. Send us your recipes!