• Gastronomy

    Spain produces outstanding gourmet products. Taste our excellent cheese!

  • Nutrition

    Among many other things, Andalucia provides large areas of grass, rich in nutrients and variety.

  • Mediterranean Diet

    Enjoy our cheese with crackers or toast. It is perfect for breakfast or as an aperitif.


Parque Nacional de Doņana, un entorno privilegiado.

Our name reminds the place where we are located. Doņana, a privileged natural environment, vast and rich in flora and fauna, surrounds this small and sunny region where we produce our cheeses.

That same naturalness is what we try to transfer into our products. We only use the best goat milk that comes from the highlands of Huelva.

Up there, goats can enjoy green natural pastures and plenty of vegetation that varies along the seasons. This provides delicious milk, full of nutrients and flavors.

  • A rural green landscape with grasses and flowers. These sources of nutrients and flavour will later help us to produce the best artisan cheese.