• Gastronomy

    Spain produces outstanding gourmet products. Taste our excellent cheese!

  • Nutrition

    Among many other things, Andalucia provides large areas of grass, rich in nutrients and variety.

  • Mediterranean Diet

    Enjoy our cheese with crackers or toast. It is perfect for breakfast or as an aperitif.


The curing of our cheese.

All of our cheeses are produced using artisan and traditional techniques. Ancient elaboration procedures are preserved and used, only been adapted to match quality and food safety requirements.

Our milk does not receive any artificial additives or preservatives during the elaboration process; we only use salt, natural rennet and other natural ingredients such as spices and olive oil. Throughout the entire production process, we make minimal use of machinery.

  • The ripening process takes place under optimal and controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. But this process does not end when taking the cheese out of the cellar. It goes on throughout the life of this delicious product, continuing to get a richer, complex and tasty flavor and aroma.