Cheese with certified Quality

Certified Quality

White, slightly yellowish and washed crust. The artisan appearance is accompanied by a mild flavour, light, and unique touches of citrus notes provided by the mold. Going through a curing period of more than 60 days, which gives it a distinctive flavour. Its texture is firm, compact and somewhat dry. Its persistence is a average, leaving tastes of wine, mushrooms and wet earth.


  • Minimum curing time 45 days
  • Colour: ivory white, light yellow
  • Texture: firm, compact, closed, watery in the mouth, somewhat dry
  • Aroma: light, soft, mold, hint of citrus
  • Slightly acidic taste
  • Persistence: medium, medium- low
  • Aftertaste: hold, mold, mushroom, wet earth
  • Appearance: washed crust